Burnley 73
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Sonimus Burnley 73 is inspired by the classic 1073 equalizer. Our new plugin carefully recreates the characteristic sound of each EQ band, and the unique personality of both the 1073's inputs saturation: LINE and MIC.

Key Features

  • Inspired by the classic 1073 Equalizer.
  • Three bands, HP filter, gain and output controls.
  • Each EQ band can be bypassed.
  • Warm, open and analog sound.
  • Analog style modelled saturation: LINE and MIC.
  • Supported platforms: VST 2.4, VST 3.0, AU, AAX, and RTAS.
  • Zero latency for realtime usage.
  • Sample rates up to 192 khz supported.
  • Carefully optimized for low CPU usage.

In depth

EQ Bands

  • High Pass: high pass filter with five frequency positions: OFF, 50hz, 80hz, 160hz and 300hz.
  • Low Shelf: low band control with four selectable frequencies: 35hz, 60hz, 110hz and 220hz.
  • Mids: bell style filter with six selectable frequencies: 300hz, 700hz, 1.6khz, 3.2khz, 4.8khz and 7.2khz.
  • High Shelv: fixed high shelf filter for high frequency control.

Gain & Output

  • Gain: The red knob controls the saturation level with two types of saturation: LINE and MIC.
    The right portion of the knob's circumference controls the LINE saturation, which imparts a very subtle effect. >The left portion of the knob's circumference governs the MIC saturation, which is warmer and can be aggressive when set to high values.
  • Output: Controls the output volume.


  • LINE Saturation (introduced by turning the red knob to the right side) is a subtle saturation – ideal for adding just a bit of color to your tracks.
  • MIC Saturation (imparted by turning the red knob to the left side) lends more color. Mic saturation can be very aggressive at high values. If you want add a moderate amount of color/warmth to your track, use low values (from 10 to 20). If you want to introduce more apparent saturation, use values from 20 to 40. Values higher than 40 will push the saturation effect into overdrive – great for warm and crunchy vocals, organ/keys, drums overheads, rooms, bass, or any virtual instrument.

Burnley 73 can be used exclusively as a saturation plugin by bypassing the equalizer (by clicking the EQ IN button so that it appears grey). For a warm/analog sounding mix, experiment with using Burnley 73's MIC or LINE saturation on multiple tracks and/or on your mix buses.

Bypassing Bands

Each band can be bypassed by clicking on the corresponding symbol above the knob. When the symbol is red, the band is bypassed. A white symbol indicates that the band is enabled.

Bottom menu

  • EQ In: Enables or disables the EQ section.
  • Phase Invert: Inverts the phase of the output.
  • Show Labels: Displays numeric values when knobs are tweaked.
  • Back Panel: Clicking the Sonimus “S” logo allows you to access Burnley 73's back panel. Here you will find your plugin version number, plugin registration, and a link to our support website.

Burnley 73 Reviews

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Burnley 73 Specs

Supported platforms

Audio Unit, VST 2.4, VST 3, AAX, RTAS. All platforms support both 32 and 64 bit operation.

Supported Operating systems

  • Mac OSX 10.6 or newer
  • Windows XP or newer

Technical specifications

  • Sample Rate Support: up to 192 khz.
  • Bit Depth: 64 bits (floating point).
  • Channels: Mono and Stereo.
  • Latency: Zero.




Demo limitations: Can't save session, Output control is not available, no CPU optimizations. Click here to download demo


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