Reviews on Apr 15, 2015
Satson was featured in the regular Geek Technique for the latest Computer Music issue. You’ll see the plugin on page 81 and in the accompanying tutorial video. Satson CM is one of the Computer Music exclusive plugin.
News on Mar 30, 2015
Sonimus will soon announce the launch of our new product: Sonimus Burnley 73 – inspired by the classic 1073 equalizer. Our new plugin carefully recreates the characteristic sound of each EQ band, and the unique personality of both the 1073's inputs: LINE and MIC.
Tips & Tutorials on Aug 24, 2014
This video tutorial shows how setting up grouping using Sonimus Britson console.
News on Aug 01, 2014
Sonimus has the pleasure of announcing free update to Britson and Satson, adding support for Channel and Bus Grouping. Instances can now be grouped, creating the possibility of affecting all instances by making changes to just one.
Reviews on Jan 02, 2014
Musicradar verdict: "An impressive, affordable hybrid EQ that successfully jigsaws together a series of classic-inspired components."